Manifest The Career of Your Dreams w/ Shannon Algeo – GITNB S3 Ep 057

SoulFeed Podcast co-host Shannon Algeo makes a guest appearence on Green Is the New Black! Shannon shares his journey of giving hup his theatre dreams and finding his own path to a budding career as a motivational speaker and spiritual teacher. Shannon will break down the exact actions you need to take to create the career you dream of but can’t figure out how to get!             Links mentioned: Shannon’s podcast SoulFeed Shannon’s website Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk “Start with why” Echkart Tolle’s A New Earth Michael A. Singer’s Unteathered Soul Gabby Bernstein Text “Shannon”… View Post

Not A Nugget: Teaching Kids to Eat More Mindfully w/ Stephanie Dreyer – GITNB S3 Ep 056

Author Stephanie Dreyer shares her transition to being vegan, her fateful trip to a slaughterhouse and how she went on to create a movement of mothers changing the way their families eat. Then we’ll get her easy, practical tips on how she gets her non-vegan kids to eat fruits & veggies and how you can too!   Listen on your mobile device or subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher(for android phones!)           Links mentioned: Stephanie’s site VeegMama Stephanie’s book: Not A Nugget Stephanie’s ebook: VeegMama’s Guide To Going Vegan Alicia Silverstone’s book: The Kind Diet Green Is… View Post

Are you a personal development addict? – GITNB S3 Ep 055

Short solo episode where Ashley breaks down the 3 actions you need to take right away to get out of personal development learning mode and into creating the lifestyle you actually want!   Subscribe or download from iTunes or Stitcher and make sure you never miss an episode!               Links mentioned: Ashley’s new coaching program Starting Now View Post

Inside Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary w/ Jenny Brown – GITNB S3 Ep 054

Go inside the world of rescued farm animals, animals we’d normally use as food in this emotional interview with the co-founder of Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, Jenny Brown. Learn how you can help other animals who’ve been rescued from factory farms and get to know more about the lucky ones that have been rescued.   Subscribe and never miss an episode on iTunes or Stitcher below:         Links mentioned: Get Jenny’s book The Luck Ones: My Passionate Fight For Farm Animals  ** Visit the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary site ** PETA  ** Farm Sanctuary ** Our Hen… View Post

Silence Your Inner Shit Talker w/ Amy E. Smith – GITNB S3 Ep 053

Ashley’s personal Life Coach, Amy E. Smith better known as The Joy Junkie weighs in on how to deal with that nasty little voice in our heads that constantly criticizes us and keeps us from actually being okay with ourselves. Make sure to subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher and never miss an episode:       Things discussed in this episode: How to notice if you’re out of alignment in your life  What is your “negative inner voice”, and the tribal history that causes it What parents can do to set their kids up for a more positive inner dialogue… View Post

Global Sisterhood Day w/ Nisha Moodley – GITNB S3 Ep 052

Leadership coach and founder of Global Sisterhood Day Nisha Moodley shares her passion for creating a safe sisterhood for women around the world. Nisha explains her inspiration for her guiding principle “The world will be set free by women who are free, and sisterhood is the key”. Make sure to subscribe and never miss an episode!     Things discussed in this episode: What is “sisterhood” and how has it changed over the years? Why is sisterhood so important for women? Nisha’s plan to bring together thousands of women on March 18th for Global Sisterhood Day Stories from Global sisterhood… View Post

To The Girl Who Triggers The Hell Outta Me

To the girl who triggers the hell out of me,   I don’t mean to roll my eyes before the words are even out of your mouth. There’s just something about the way you do everything that makes me crazy. I can actually feel myself shake with adrenaline when your latest amazing life moment pops up in my newsfeed.   But listen, I’m working on it. Working so hard you’d think personal development were my job (oh wait, it is!). But it’s still not easy for me.   So here’s what really goes down between me and my perception of… View Post

Treating ADHD Naturally w/ Tara Mackey – GITNB S3 Ep 051

Environmental Scientist, Motivational Speaker and Author, Tara Mackey shares her story of being loaded with medication at an early age for health issues she’s not even sure she really had! She’ll walk us through how she got off the pharmaceutical wagon and what she recommends for adults looking for natural treatments for ADHD. Click here to subscribe and never miss an episode:             Things discussed in this episode: Tara shares her story of being put on medications at an early age How did Tara eventually break her use of pharmaceutical drugs? What does she recommend… View Post

The #1 thing that helped when I was depressed

I’ve got to tell you something about me: I do this thing called #ashkicking. It just comes out sometimes. I can’t help it. If you’ve ever coached with me or collaborated with me you’d know about it. Sometimes I just have this overwhelming truth that I have no control over and it actually causes me physical discomfort until I share it. My more woo-tastic friends would call this a “download”. And even though they come fast and quick…always remember #ashkicks are said with love. I just worry that we’re all wasting too much time and we gotta get into action!!… View Post