Me: Not the cliche Health Coach dancing through a field,

telling you to juice for a month and everything will just

magically get better.


You: Not the typical patient happy with being fed a steady

cocktail of medications and then more meds to manage

the side effects.


You’re ready to take your health into your own hands and

try out this crazy “alternative medicine”, “self help” stuff.

You’re just not sure where to begin.


Oh hey! That’s where I come in!


I lived with chronic pain since age 3 and I know how it

feels to be sick of being sick…to have to plan your social

life around how terrible you’ll feel afterwards. I know

how worn out you are from trying so many things

that help, but don’t actual heal, from spending all

your money on meds and Doctors (that think you

might actually just be making it all up) and from

being defined by how awful you feel.


Turning to alternative methods and using food as medicine

stopped all the pain I’d been having. That’s not a joke or

an exaggeration.


I went from having body pain and headaches every single

day to being pain free and healthy enough to start my own

biz, travel and do what I want without having to plan for

being ill afterwards.


This stuff works and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.  


If you want to lessen your pain levels, have the energy to

stay up all day without needing to nap, and plan your

future – you’ve got to take your health into your own

hands. Let me show you how.


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working with people.

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