Hey! Can I tell your something?


All your stuff…your pain, your anxiety, your story? It matters.


You matter and you’re important.


But you also need to accept that chasing the perfect weight, the dream job, the guy, the praise is never going to make you happy if you’re a hot mess on the inside. 


Hey again, I’m Ashley, my friends call me Coach Ash and I can’t wait to let you in on how to feel better NOW, instead of waiting until you cross more items off your goal list.


Let’s dig in. Shall we?


What really happened at Soul Camp

A week ago my legs were sore from 4 days of skipping-club, 6AM yoga, IntenSati, late night dance parties and paddle boarding! It was the final day of this magical thing called Soul Camp.                        Listen to my podcast interview with the Founders.   One... read more

10 Reasons why being vegan is the best ever

The other day I watched this super adorable video of “dairy” cows literally leaping for joy as they set foot on grass for the first time in their lives. And as usual I was reminded “Oh yeah, that’s why I’m vegan”. People ask me all... read more

4 things to do when you have anxiety

Ever wonder what to do when you have an anxiety attack? I’ve had more experience with them than I’d like. Just this week I’ve been dealing with major anxiety: the kind where you’re just shaking and it’s hard to take a deep breath and your... read more

5 tricks to up your manifesting game

The other day I was walking through a street fair in my neighborhood with my dog to buy her this ridiculous mini robotic dog that she is now obsessed with. I’d tucked a $20 bill in my pocket to buy the $6 toy. Somewhere between my apartment and the toy... read more

An Overachievers Guide to Healthy Habits

You’ve been killing it in meetings. Your boss loves you and knows you’re dependable. You’ve even had some decent Tinder meet ups lately. But you’ve got the eating habits a 14 year old boy. And you’re too old to have skin problems. And... read more
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