Hey! Can I tell your something?


All your stuff…your pain, your anxiety, your story? It matters.


You matter and you’re important.


But you also need to accept that chasing the perfect weight, the dream job, the guy, the praise is never going to make you happy if you’re a hot mess on the inside. 


Hey again, I’m Ashley, my friends call me Coach Ash and I can’t wait to let you in on how to feel better NOW, instead of waiting until you cross more items off your goal list.


Let’s dig in. Shall we?


What really happened at Soul Camp

A week ago my legs were sore from 4 days of skipping-club, 6AM yoga, IntenSati, late night dance parties and paddle boarding! It was the final day of this magical thing called Soul Camp.                        Listen to my podcast interview with the Founders.   One Camper sadly pointed out “No one will ever understand this,” but I’ll try to explain.   It was a Utopian experience where your days are filled with more personal development workshops than you can actually attend (think: a music festival…for self help lovers!), all sorts of exercise classes, unlimited healthy-ish snacks ’round the clock and delicious, actually healthy meals together through-out the day.   But what happened at camp was even greater than learning new things, making new friends or unplugging in front of a beautiful lake in the mountains.   What happened is that 250 strangers fell madly in love.   And the reason?   We were all being our best selves. As cliche as that may sound. We were the selves that bust out dance moves anywhere/anytime. The selves that sit and do art projects for hours. The selves that perform in front of a the talent show audience, even if our only talent is lip syncing the words to a song from RENT. We were the selves we wish we were all the time.   We were the kind of people that were available for a hug at any moment. We were the people that told each other “you are enough!” a million times each day. We were the people who grabbed extra avocados from the salad bar for our... read more

10 Reasons why being vegan is the best ever

The other day I watched this super adorable video of “dairy” cows literally leaping for joy as they set foot on grass for the first time in their lives. And as usual I was reminded “Oh yeah, that’s why I’m vegan”. People ask me all the time if being vegan is hard, and honestly it’s not.   I haven’t eaten meat since 1996 (no, I wasn’t raised that way, I was just a strong-willed kid) and haven’t had eggs or milk products since 2009. I also stopped using animals for clothing or products tested on animals nearly six years ago.   I really do feel like being vegan is the best choice I’ve ever made. And it’s never, ever been hard, because it’s not about me.    For me, it’s 100% an ethical choice (which happens to have some great health and environmental side effects) based on the principle of causing no harm to another being.   I can honestly say it’s my life’s greatest privilege to be Vegan.   The animals can’t speak for themselves…they don’t get to vote with their dollars, but I can. And I get to at every meal or trip to the grocery store. If you think being vegan is total Debbie-downer’s ville…let me show you what it’s really like!   My top 10 fave things about being Vegan:   1) Boasting that nobody died for you to eat a quick meal.   2) Knowing that no Mother is suffering because her baby was dragged away from her so you can have milk in your breakfast cereal.   3) Looking at videos of  orphaned... read more

4 things to do when you have anxiety

Ever wonder what to do when you have an anxiety attack? I’ve had more experience with them than I’d like. Just this week I’ve been dealing with major anxiety: the kind where you’re just shaking and it’s hard to take a deep breath and your face feels numb for days.   Here’s what I did/am still doing to feel better:   1) Naps on naps on naps There are few problems sleep won’t solve. Give yourself a little break (especially if you’re an introvert/HSP/empath) and take some time to just rest. Your body uses that crucial time to re-group and get re-energized to face the world. Netflix and books in bed are also useful. Yes, ultimately we all need to feel the feelings, but sometimes you just need a safe distraction during that first really heavy period of anxiety.   2) Just move! I’ve recently realized something people have said for years is in fact true: physical movement can be really helpful to expel some of that crazy (unwanted) energy coursing through your veins when you’re having anxiety. Anxiety is our ancestral “fight or flight” response kicking in at inappropriate times (ie you’re not actually being attacked by a lion..), so taking flight is my new go-to. Luckily I have a hyper little dog in need of long walks, but I’ve also started doing jumping jacks in the middle of my tiny apartment if I can’t make it outdoors.   3) The world needs more love letters Inspired by my podcast interview with Author Hannah Brencher I wrote love letters to strangers. It’s a super easy thing to do,... read more

5 tricks to up your manifesting game

The other day I was walking through a street fair in my neighborhood with my dog to buy her this ridiculous mini robotic dog that she is now obsessed with. I’d tucked a $20 bill in my pocket to buy the $6 toy. Somewhere between my apartment and the toy vendor..the $20 lept from my pocket and on to a busy crowded street. I was super bummed to have lost the money (and more bummed out to walk all the way home in the sweltering heat to get more cash!), but for some reason I was OK with loosing that money which someone else must have found it. In the past I know I would have instantly gone into “lack” mentality. I haven’t had a ton of work this summer…my student loans are massive and I live in freaking New York City! Every penny counts. I could have bought a weeks worth of groceries at Trader Joe’s with that $20! Loosing cash would have sent me into a tailspin of “I’m terrible with money”, “I didn’t deserve it anyway”, “why is everything so hard for me?”. Instead as I calmly retraced my steps to see if I could find it, I was totally OK with someone else having picked it up. I live in Queens, the most ethnically diverse county in America. I know many of my neighbors don’t speak English as a first language, many of the women are at home with a whole lot of kids. Every Sunday night people of all ages dig through our recycling bins looking for soda and water bottles to recycle for... read more

4 Ways to be a better friend / Share this with a friend who hasn’t been there for you!

It’s been a weird year of friend break-ups, old friend catch-ups and more health issues and heartbreak spread out in my friend group than I can recall in recent years.  Any of that sound familiar? In the midst of it all I’ve learned some major lessons on what not to do when your friend falls apart and what to do when someone you care about is dealing with a really rough time. Here’s what I’ve learned so far in 2015: 1) Take communication one step further Quick texts and facebook comments are easy to come by. You can churn them out while walking down the street. while brushing your teeth or hey even using the restroom! Show your friends they’re worth your time by actually connecting in a manner that involves some effort. Call them on the phone, send cute cards in the mail and initiate date nights. That said, when your friend (or you) are having a rough time, talking on the phone or meeting up for a a drink might feel too hard. But don’t take a declined invite personally. Your friend might just need some time alone to deal with their own stuff and unfortunately, a lot of us try to protect the people we care about from our darkness. The “rejection” isn’t personal, it might just mean they want to compose themselves a bit before seeing you. 2) Not everyone processes things the same One area where I see a lot of people getting their feelings hurt is when they assume their friend processes their feelings in the same way they do. Some people are... read more

An Overachievers Guide to Healthy Habits

You’ve been killing it in meetings. Your boss loves you and knows you’re dependable. You’ve even had some decent Tinder meet ups lately. But you’ve got the eating habits a 14 year old boy. And you’re too old to have skin problems. And you’re too young to be this tired. So how do you even begin eating like a healthy grown-up?   The key to shifting the way you feel, the energy you have and the overall health of your bod is to set up habits and rewards that will support that healthier lifestyle. You’re smart and you know what foods are healthy or not.   You know existing entirely on vending machine snacks or 2AM pizza doesn’t work for you anymore.   You also know you should be hitting the gym more or getting your “om” on at yoga to relax (lol what even is relaxing??). But on  the rare occasion that you have some downtime, all you want to do is crash in front of Netflix, drink all the wine and pound that pack of Oreos.   But when you’re playing in the big leagues at work you need to treat your body with the same TLC of a Michael Phelps or Michelle Kwan. One of the major keys to their successes is having a plan ahead of time (they leave nothing to chance) and having habits in place that help them reach the ultimate rewards.   1) Set yourself up to succeed Real food doesn’t come out of a vending machine. So stop carrying coins or small bills so you can’t mindlessly grab snack instead of... read more
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