In this episode Ashley interviews Rebecca Santilli & Erin Lindstrom about dealing with chronic illness from a young age and how they used alternative therapies, mindset shifts and food as medicine to heal. They’ve both gone on to become Health Coaches and help other woman change their health and diets in the same way they did.






In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Exactly what steps Erin’s Health Coach recommended she take to treat PCOS
  • Erin’s top book recommendations to shift your mindset when struggling with chronic illness
  • How Rebecca used food to revive herself after a freak accident left her with crippling pain.
  • The ancient healing modality Rebecca still uses to treat RSD

Links in the episode:

GHH Interview w/ Erin Lindstrom

GITNB the Podcast Playlist


About the guests:

rebecca santilli headshot

As a former visual stylist and lifelong healthy foodie, Rebecca is on a mission to spread good taste with food and style. A Taste for Life was inspired by her own wakeup call (a startling diagnosis) and subsequent life change. She believes that real, whole foods are the greatest medicine (and has health that is the proof in that pudding.) She’s wild about embracing and emphasizing personal style, and these days you can find her bringing good taste to closets and kitchens around the world. Rebecca has turned her health hobby into a business and now does for others what she learned to do for
herself. Without all of the ‘health coach’ clichés!
Erin Lindstrom Headshot pod
Erin Lindstrom believes that happiness is a choice. She helps her clients embrace what they have, and love their nows. She helps her clients feel happy, healthy and HOT by amping up their gratitude, getting clear on their goals, teaching them how to be kind to their bodies (bye bye, dieting!), and encouraging them to create the life they crave.