In this episode Ashley interviews reproductive health expert Amy Sedgwick on how to use a 3 step tracking method to prevent pregnancy with 99.4% accuracy.  If you’re concerned the birth control pill is messing up your hormones and putting you at risk of serious disease this episode is a must!






Things Discussed in this Episode:

  • The harmful effects of prescription birth control
  • How to use the Justisse Method for natural birth control
  • What’s the difference between Justisse and the rhythm method?
  • How accurate is natural birth control?
  • What to do in emergency situations if you’re not using prescription birth control?
  • Eco friendly and vegan condom options


Links Mentioned:

Amy’s website

GITNB Podcast Playlist

About the guest:

amy sedgwick headshot

Amy Sedgwick is Co-Founder of Red Tent Sisters, a business that has been providing
holistic solutions to women since 2007. Amy is trained as a Holistic Reproductive
Health Practitioner. She specializes in supporting women to ditch the side effects of
hormonal birth control, helping them to adopt natural, effective alternatives.