Ashley interviews Zoe Vokes a young business owner that is creating a wild revolution. Her business and product line focuses on being 100% natural and sustainable. Can she start a movement to encourage other businesses to move away from a for-profit model and towards a more values driven focus? Listen to our discussion to find out!






In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Is being an “idealist” a bad thing?
  • How Zoe knew at an early age she wanted to change the world
  • Are any other businesses producing products that are organic, fair trade & carbon neutral?
  • Future goals of the ‘Wilde Revolution”  – carbon neutral cafes anyone?
  • How to start your own values based business
  • How Zoe got back on track when profit started taking priority in her business
  • Zoe’s bizarre story of getting electrical shocks while washing her hands, how that changed her health and led her on a holistic journey to recovery.


Links mentioned:

Zoe’s Website

GITNB Podcast Playlist


About the guest:

Zoe VokesGreen Juice

Zoe Vokes is co-founder & co-director of Wild Revolution, a movement that aims to change the world. Wild Revolution believes that there is another way to do business – a way that puts people and planet before profits