In this episode Ashley interviews Kerry Rowett a kinesiologist that works with busy women to help them repair their health, change their lifestyles and break through the limiting thoughts that hold them back. Her work covers everything from fertility issues to money blocks. Is THIS the thing you’ve been looking for?






Things discussed in this episode:

  • What is Kinesiology?
  • How is it different than muscle testing?
  • How kinesiology changed Kerry’s depression in just two sessions
  • Can kinesiology be a person’s intro into “alternative medicine” or should they do other healing work first?
  • What are the main health issues Kerry works with?
  • Is it normal to have massive results after just ONE session?
  • How to use kinesiology to clear your money blocks and build business success
  • How does Kerry treat clients virtually over skype? Doesn’t muscle testing require physical contact?


Links mentioned:

Kerry’s website

About the guest:

kerry rowett pic 2

Kerry Rowett is a Kinesiologist who works with her clients via Skype to help them clear blocks + align their energy so they can move forwards confidently towards their goals. She is the creator of the e-course and the DIY Kinesiology Kit. Sign up to hear more from Kerry at