Ashley interviews Claire Zarb from Happy Homeopathy on how she uses homeopathic medicine and flower essences to help women balance their hormones and emotions.








Things discussed in this episode:

  • What is homeopathy?

    Claire explains the homeopathic principle that “like heals like”

    How does homeopathy support women coming off the pill with hormones going off the rails?

    Is the pill just masking underlying problems?

    Are homeopathic remedies safe for pregnant women?

    What other health problems are mistook for something else but are actually hormonal?
    What’s the difference between an herbalist, a naturopath and a homeopath?

    What are flower essences?
    Different ways to to administer flower essences What sort of qualification to people need to be a homeopath?How did Claire get into homeopathy? She shares her medical history.


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About the guest:

Claire Zarb headshot

Claire Zarb, LCPH is a qualified Homeopath based in London and also sees clients all over the world via Skype. Claire’s company, Happy Homeopathy is aimed at women who wish to gain control of their hormonal health with natural solutions like homeopathy and flower essences. Claire is a regular blogger with a passion for women’s health. Please visit for more information and to subscribe.