Ashley interviews Laura Jones, one have of the start up company Arborstead – working to create non-toxic deodorants and other bodycare products that don’t leave people filled with chemicals. Deodorant has been linked to cancers and autoimmune issues. Find out what’s really in some of your favorite products. Use discount code GreenlightHH to save 10% on your first order from the Arbostead website!







Things discussed in this episode:

Whats wrong with regular deodorant?
Does aluminum free “natural” deodorant actually work?
Proof from a ballroom dancer that natural deodorants can keep your dry and fresh.
New body care products Arborstead is working on
Is baby powder toxic?

Are there GMOs in some natural baby powder brands?
Next steps in growing a health conscious /Eco-friendly biz  beyond Etsy.


Links mentioned:
The Arborstead website
Arborstead’s Etsy shop

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 About the guest:

Laura Jones headshot

Laura Jones is the co-founder of Arborstead, a company that creates all-natural deodorants and other body and home care products for health-conscious people. After getting frustrated with the natural deodorant options on the market, she and her husband Tim created a natural stick deodorant that lasts all day on a single application, contains only the purest natural ingredients, and comes in a variety of scrumptious scents to suit all tastes. After receiving encouraging feedback from their Etsy customers, they added natural lip balms, lip glosses, bath salts, remineralizing toothpaste, and wood polish to their brand, and are continuously researching and introducing new natural products that work. Use discount code GreenlightHH to save 10%