Ashley and Herbalist Melanie St. Ours discuss a new way of looking at stress. Is it actually a useful tool in our lives? And how can we re-frame the way we view and treat stress.







Things discussed in this episode:

  • How the conversation around stress is missing the bigger picture
  • A new way of looking at stress
  • How is stress like exercise
  • The history of stress
  • How to build your emotional resistance
  • Protecting yourself as an empath
  • Why you need to take action right away
  • What is a “freeze state”?
  • Herbs to help deal with stress
  • Where to purchase herb – are commercial herbs ok?

Links mentioned:

Melanie’s website
Herb Pharm

Mountain Rose Herbs
5 flavors herbs

American Herbalists Guild

GITNB Podcast Playlist

About the guest:

Melanie St. Ours is a clinical herbalist specializing in women’s health and mental health. She lives in Washington D.C. with her parrot, her partner, and her rescued pit bull, but she works with clients from all over the world. You can learn more about her work and find free resources to support your own healing process at her home on the web,, or through her weekly podcast.