Ashley interviews Eco-Educator Jamie Van Jones about the dangers of using plastics. Is it overblown by the media or is our health being put at risk every time we use plastic in the kitchen? What about our computers? And can we really say we care about the earth and climate change if we’re still using plastic bags?

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Things discussed in this episode:

  • What made Jamie realize she needed to spend less time looking at other people’s lives and focus on what she could change in her self?
  • What triggered her to make the connection between her own habits and the environment?
  • So what really is the problem with plastics, anyway?
  • Ways plastic production using up natural resources?
  • How many years does plastic really last in a landfill ? The answer will SHOCK you!
  • Do plastics contribute to methane release and climate change?
  • How much do we absorb plastics into our bodies?
  • BPA and it’s effect on hormone production
    How can we protect ourselves from plastics?
  • Is your computer a dangerous plastic?
  • Where to start reducing plastic usage right away?


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Jamie’s website
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About the guest:







Jamie Van Jones has a passion for our planet and for living an amazing life on it.  She believes that we can each live lighter on the planet and still enjoy life to the fullest.  She shares easy and inspired ways to live lighter on and runs a 6 week E-course called ‘A Blissful Eco-Life’ –