In this episode you’ll meet the founders of Soul Camp – sleepaway camp for adults interested in expanding their soul and getting back to being a kid!

Before they were successful entrepreneurs Ali Leipzig and Michelle Goldblum went to the same sleepaway camp as kids. Now they’re joining forces with the leaders of the personal development and wellness world to create a unique, fun filled camp for adults to get back to color wars, crafts and new lifelong friends. But this isn’t your typical yoga retreat or a self help seminar.


Check out this teaser video for Soul Camp:


You’re freaking out because you want in, right?? Check out our chat!







In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Ali and Michelle reconnected as adults running online businesses
  • Why they felt like creating a traditional “workshop” type even wasn’t for them
  • Do major thought leaders in the health, wellness and spirituality space really get down and dirty with the other campers?
  • So really…what is Soul Camp??
  • How roughing it really happens at Soul Camp? (ie am I going to get dirty?)
  • Co-ed cabins??
  • What if you’re not super woo-woo and into self-help yet? Will you feel weird?
  • The reason behind their no Instagram policy
  • What books do Ali and Michelle LOVE that will help you prepare your soul for the next level?


Links mentioned:
The Soul Camp website to get all the juicy details
Soul Camp on Instagram
Michelle’s website for branding and creative work
Ali’s website for body confidence work
Michelle’s book recommendation The Untethered Soul by Michael A Singer
Ali’s book recommendation A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson

Meet the guests:

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Michelle Goldblum is the CEO & Founder of I AM. creative, a full service brand development, strategy, design, marketing & advertising agency specializing in the mind/body/spirit, wellness, self-improvement and self-empowerment space. She is also the Co-Founder of Soul Camp: an adult sleepaway camp for the soul. Michelle’s clientele consist of those people who are spreading messages of transformation, empowerment, and oneness. She is proud to stand behind the brands of more than 200 life, health & relationship coaches, empowerment authors & speakers, holistic health practitioners, fitness instructors, yoga instructors, and psychologists. A former brand strategist for global pharmaceutical brands and marketing campaigns, Michelle works with her clients from concept development through to execution of their brand, website, program, event or offerings.

Ali Leipzig headshot

 is a Body Confidence Coach, Branding Expert and the Co-Founder of Soul Camp. She has been featured in Lucky Magazine, The Today Show, ABC’s The Chew, Huffington Post Live, CondeNast Traveller, and Fitness Magazine. Alison inspires women to own and love their unique body and selves so that they can step into the world with true confidence.