Ashley interviews Life Coach and dream analysis expert Brenda Florida following a one on one session where Brenda nailed all sorts of connections to Ashley’s current situation. Brenda will explain how to find symbolism in our dreams and where to begin better understanding what your own dreams are telling you.

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Things discussed in this episode:

  • Can we find messages in small symbols in our dreams?
  •  What results can come from looking at our dreams? Can it actually benefit our lives?
  • What Ashley discovered about her dream involving Yoko Ono, snipers and my childhood kitchen table.
  • How to begin analyzing our dreams, should you look at the setting or the characters?
  • Does the media we take in influence our dreams?
  • What do reoccurring dreams mean? Are they more significant than other dreams?
  • When is the best time to seek out an expert to talk about your dreams?
  • Is there more significance in a dream we remember over one we don’t recall? *(I love her answer to this!)


Brenda’s website

Check out Brenda’s extensive resources list she shared with GITNB listeners.

Brenda’s book recommendation Cathedral of The Wild by Boyd Varty

Boyd Varty’s Ted Talk: What I Learned From Nelson Mandela


About the guest:

Brenda Florida









Brenda spent over 20 years analyzing her own dreams with a Jungian Analyst. More recently she completed the Martha Beck Life Coach Training program which included a Jungian approach to dream analysis. Brenda’s years of finding incredible, applicable insight from her own dreams fuels her passion for working with others on their dreams. Brenda experiences an indescribable joy when a client finds truth and meaning from the messages their dreams have for them. Connect with her at