An inside look into who is making our clothes. Behind the Thread podcast host Russ Jowell shares the truth of what’s happening in clothing factories around the world. How to know if your favorite brands are treating their employees ethically or if they’re forcing them to work under terrible conditions. We’ll share stories about our own journeys to becoming more enlightened consumers.








Things discussed in this episode:

  • What exactly does “Fair Trade” mean?
  • What Russ experienced on his trip to Bangladesh
  • Russ shares what improvements he feels are happening to improve the conditions in some facilities?
  • Inside the worst case scenarios and child labor in the industry
  • How do you know which brand is treating workers best?
  • Where to start researching before you going shopping?
  • What to do if you don’t like the way your fave brands are treating workers


Links mentioned:


Russ Jowell’s website

Ashley’s blog about the Bangladesh factory collapse in 2013

Ethical Trading Initiative

International Labor Rights Forum

Behind the Thread Twitter Page



About the guest:

Russ Jowell is the host and producer of Behind The Thread, a podcast that tells the stories of the people and places that make your clothes. He has a passion for following supply chains around the world and connecting consumers with the people who produce their goods. A native Texan, Russ currently lives in the Washington, DC area.