Spiritual Nutritionist Carla Golden shares her signature program Fruit ’til Five…that is literally just that: eating fruit until 5pm to change your health. So too good to be true? Listen to this week’s episode and find out how it works and who it’s best suited for!

Podcast bonus:

Anyone who signs up for a free or paid session of Fruit Til Five™ also receives a free copy of 8 First Steps to a HAPPY™ Kitchen and The 9th HAPPY™ Step programs. These help anyone learn how to avoid the most toxic ingredients in food and how to identify and consume real, whole food for optimal health and happiness.








Things discussed in this episode:

– What is a spiritual nutritionist?
– What are high vibration foods?
– How can you actually live on fruit until 5pm?
– But what about protein?!
– Can you do fruit ’til five if you have diabetes or candida?
– Is Fruit ’til five effective if it’s not organic?
– If you’re always cold should you eat that much fruit?
– Is a safe diet for kids?
– Who is fruit ’til five best for?

Links mentioned:

Carla’s website

Carla’s book recommendation The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by Bauby and Leggatt


About the guest

Carla Golden, a massage therapist and spiritual nutritionist, teaches those who are healing how to use food as a platform for spiritual growth. Those who are healing from physical or emotional trauma can use Carla‘s unique high-fruit plan to bring their body and soul into greater vibration, health, happiness, and peace. The Healers Diet™ and Fruit Til Five™ are her signature programs.