In this episode meet the founder of Petit Vour, a high end beauty box that’s cruelty free, vegan AND luxurious. Being a conscious consumer doesn’t mean being a dirty hippie! Learn all about this fun new beauty box and the brands it’s bringing t the masses in this chat with Founder Madeline Alcott.







Things discussed in this episode:
  • Why Madeline felt there was a need for a vegan beauty box?
  • The changing perceptions of being vegan
  • What’s the difference between vegan and cruelty free?
  • Learn the hidden animal ingredients in your make-up and beauty products.
  • What’s inside a Petit Vour box and what are the subscriptions like?
  • The latest trends in beauty

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About the guest:
Madeline A
After graduating from university, traveling, and soul-seeking a bit, Madeline came to the realization that her dream job hadn’t yet been created. It was wildly apparent to her that the beauty world was lacking a thoughtful, sophisticated place to discovery high-performance, ethical beauty products and launching a cruelty-free luxury box subscription seemed like the perfect way to reach the cruelty-free/eco-curious. Since their launch in May 2013, Petit Vour grown to a healthy size, have opened an online shop, and now have private HQ where they can manage everything responsibly.