Chronic fatigue syndrome thriver, Katie Manning shares her story of of healing from the diagnosis at a young age. She’ll explain why she turned to alternative methods to recover and how she’s using her own experience to inspire others to trust their bodies more.








Things discussed in this episode:

  • What signs were there in High School that Katie had chronic fatigue?
  • What was Katie’s process of diagnosis?
  • Did her people pleasing ways made her ill?
  • Does Katie blame herself for becoming sick?
  • Where she began after giving up on western medicine
  • What’s the first step she would recommend to others with chronic illness?
  • How using chakras and energy systems can help with healing
  • The crazy healing method Ashley suggested Katie check out
  • Katie‘s work as a mentor to others with chronic fatigue
  • Ways to begin trusting your body again


Links mentioned:

Katie’s website


About the guest:

KKatieManningheadshotatie Manning is a teacher, mentor, speaker and writer, and the creator of the blog, ‘Conquering Fear Spiritually’. The blog documents the steps she took to completely heal herself of a 10-year illness with M.E./CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). After being free of the illness of over four years, Katie inspires others to take control of their own healing journey and live healthy, peaceful lives, free from chronic illness.