Can the hula hoop actually be used for healing illness, losing weight and opening up our chakras? Meet one half of the mother-daughter duo behind Hooping Harmony. They’re taking the hoop to an all new spiritual and personal growth level!






Things discussed in this episode:

  • How Laura Marie’s health issues as a dancer led her to discover the hoop
  • The development of Hooping Harmony’s unique healing hoops
  • What sort of health problems does hooping actually help with?
  • Can the hoop help with mood?
  • Is there anyone that shouldn’t hoop?
  • How Laura Marie took 8 inches off her waist
  • What is hooping meditation?
  • Can an inexpensive hoop made for kids still help with healing?


Links mentioned:

The Hooping Harmony website

Hooping Harmony on Facebook

Hooping Harmony on Youtube (including instructional videos)

Laura’s book recommendations:

E Cubed by Pam Grout

The Writings of Florence Scovell Shin

About the guest:

Laura Marie-promo1Laura Marie is a writer, dancer, creative genius, modern day mystic and serial
entrepreneur. Co-founder of Hooping Harmony and Prospering Power, she is dedicated to
helping women cut through the overwhelm, fatigue and stress to live and embody a passionate,
healthy and prosperous life.