Have you heard of EFT (aka tapping)? It’s not just some weird voodoo magic, it’s actually a healing modality that can transform lives! EFT can be used to treat physical pain, clear emotional blocks and treat anxiety. My expert guest Claire Hayes will explain what it is and how it works in this week’s episode.


Things discussed in this episode:

  • The connection between Chinese medicine, the meridian system and EFT
  • An explanation of the different phrases spoken out loud during an EFT session
  • How to know if EFT is working for you
  • Learn to be your own detective of how you’re feeling
  • Can EFT heal deep trauma as well as more surface issues?
  • Claire‘s story, her background as a dancer and shiatsu practitioner  and the ways she’s used it in her own life


Links mentioned:

Claire’s website
a FREE 45 minute EFT/Tapping clarity session with Claire.


About the guest:

ClairePHayes headshot

Claire Hayes is a transformational EFT Tapping practitioner and author of “Everyday Happiness: EFT Tapping for Self Transformation that Really Works.”  She works with spiritual entrepreneurs who know they have an inner block that is stopping them from fully succeeding in business. She helps them clear what is in the way  so they can move forward and realise their dream.