Millions of people suffer from and require medication for migraines. But is there a natural approach we’re missing? Health Coach Alene Brennan dives in and explains the alternative migraine treatments.








Things discussed in this episode:

Alene‘s story about having debilitating migraines as a child
Her journey to diagnosis and identifying her migraine  triggers
Yoga for migraines?
How routines help with migraines
The most common food triggers of migraines
Is chocolate giving you migraines?
What’s the first step to removing trigger foods?
What can be done immediately when a migraine is coming on?


Links mentioned:

Alene’s website

GITNB Episode: The Truth About Gluten

Alene’s blog: The Easiest Natural Remedy for Migraines

Alene’s book recommendation: Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert


About the guest:

Alene Brennan is a certified Health Coach, Yoga Instructor and Natural Food Chef.
She unites her training and expertise to support busy women in creating their recipe for a healthy, fulfilling and migraine-free life. Her step-by-step plans support individuals in identifying the best foods for their bodies, using food as a form of medicine and incorporating simple strategies to effectively manage stress.Alene Brennen headshot