Spirituality is the new black. And Spirit DJ Jo Westwood shows you how to keep your fabulous lifestyle while tapping into your deeper side (and maybe even a higher power?). Check out this very personal episode of GITNB!







Things discussed in this episode:

  • What “spirituality” actually means
  • Is spirituality just a placebo and does it even matter if it is?
  • How Jo transitioned from a busy career to being the social media DJ and now the spirit DJ
  • How a break up led her to a personal miracle
  • The hippie healer  in California that brought her out of her typically British viewpoint
  • Making spirituality and woo-woo stuff seem totally accessible
  • Feeling like you don’t deserve to feel bad if nothing majorly traumatic has ever happened to you
  • What’s the first step to getting in touch with your spirit and spirituality


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About the guest:


Jo Westwood is known as the Spirit DJ – As a teacher of ACIM, a life coach and spiritual mentor she helps young women (and the young at heart!) to remix their lives to fulfill their highest potential in their careers and relationships, with super down to earth, practical spiritual coaching.