The other day I watched this super adorable video of “dairy” cows literally leaping for joy as they set foot on grass for the first time in their lives. And as usual I was reminded “Oh yeah, that’s why I’m vegan”.

People ask me all the time if being vegan is hard, and honestly it’s not.


I haven’t eaten meat since 1996 (no, I wasn’t raised that way, I was just a strong-willed kid) and haven’t had eggs or milk products since 2009. I also stopped using animals for clothing or products tested on animals nearly six years ago.


I really do feel like being vegan is the best choice I’ve ever made. And it’s never, ever been hard, because it’s not about me


For me, it’s 100% an ethical choice (which happens to have some great health and environmental side effects) based on the principle of causing no harm to another being.


I can honestly say it’s my life’s greatest privilege to be Vegan.


The animals can’t speak for themselves…they don’t get to vote with their dollars, but I can. And I get to at every meal or trip to the grocery store.

If you think being vegan is total Debbie-downer’s ville…let me show you what it’s really like!


My top 10 fave things about being Vegan:


1) Boasting that nobody died for you to eat a quick meal.


2) Knowing that no Mother is suffering because her baby was dragged away from her so you can have milk in your breakfast cereal.


3) Looking at videos of  orphaned lambs being fed and knowing the making of your winter coat won’t hurt them.


4) Rocking adorable boots without anybody being dragged to their death.


5) Loving Esther the Wonder Pig without regretting eating bacon.


6) Feeling confident climate change is less your fault than a meat eater’s. ; )


7) Humble bragging that your gorgeous make-up wasn’t rubbed in a monkey’s eyes, or a rabbits eyes or a dog’s eyes before it made it’s way to shelves.


8) Reducing inflammation in your bod (ya know…the stuff that causes disease and cancer??).


9) Clearing up your skin


10) Staring at Vegan Food Porn


What if being vegan was easier than you ever imagined? Would you give it a try?