A week ago my legs were sore from 4 days of skipping-club, 6AM yoga, IntenSati, late night dance parties and paddle boarding! It was the final day of this magical thing called Soul Camp.
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One Camper sadly pointed out “No one will ever understand this,” but I’ll try to explain.
It was a Utopian experience where your days are filled with more personal development workshops than you can actually attend (think: a music festival…for self help lovers!), all sorts of exercise classes, unlimited healthy-ish snacks ’round the clock and delicious, actually healthy meals together through-out the day.
But what happened at camp was even greater than learning new things, making new friends or unplugging in front of a beautiful lake in the mountains.
What happened is that 250 strangers fell madly in love.
And the reason?
We were all being our best selves. As cliche as that may sound. We were the selves that bust out dance moves anywhere/anytime. The selves that sit and do art projects for hours. The selves that perform in front of a the talent show audience, even if our only talent is lip syncing the words to a song from RENT.

We were the selves we wish we were all the time.
We were the kind of people that were available for a hug at any moment. We were the people that told each other “you are enough!” a million times each day. We were the people who grabbed extra avocados from the salad bar for our cabin mate that loves them, but never made it in line fast enough to get any! (Shout out to sweet Andrea from Atlanta for that!)
We were the kind of people who’s response to 2 out of 4 days being drenched in rain was “everything is perfect”. Because at Soul Camp, everything actually was perfect.
And then we all went home and back to our regular lives and the question this week from so many of us is “how can I feel like I did at Soul Camp all the time?”.
And my question for you is, how can you feel like your best self (your soul camp self) right now?
Here’s a bit of what I saw work at Camp:
1) Be where you are
At camp, like in life there were a million things you could be doing. Some of my friends and cabin mates really struggled to choose the “best” possible activity each period. But by choosing to focus on yourself and your needs at any given moment instead of what everyone else is doing, this funny thing happens: you usually end up in the right place. Go with your first instinct. It’s probably the right one.
2) Dance. A lot.
Something my new friend from Michigan said “I can’t dance, but I don’t let it stop me!”.
Personally I’m not a “public dancer”. Maybe when I was a lot younger and after a few drinks…but I’ve always been way too self conscious and always feel like everyone will be better at it than me. Spoiler: the only way you can be a bad dancer is if you’re just standing still! The best dancers are the ones who don’t care if they look silly, they just go with whatever their cute little bod is telling them to do!
Bonus: Movement is a great way to boost your serotonin levels which improves your mood. It’s also super beneficial when it comes to processing emotions, especially anxiety!
3) “Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes”
Ask for help. Share your story. It’ll change the world.

On the first day, I asked a question in a healing circle about which direction I should take my business. The answer wasn’t the comfortable, no-brainer route. It was the vulnerable, face-in-hands “but, but what if I’m not good enough!?” answer.
And then on the final night, this magical women Julie who’d led us in a fear burning ceremony on night one pulled me aside and said “Go do your work. The world needs you. The point of all of this is so we can help others that are further behind us.” I nodded at her through tears and said “OK”.
I don’t know exactly what it looks like yet, but I know the girl that I was at Soul Camp doesn’t want to leave anyone who needs help behind.
If you’re reading this I know that you’re further along than a lot of people. Probably further along than most of your friends and family. How can you help them? How can you offer a helping hand or a word of support, even if it seems small right now. Who can you reach back to?
Go do your work. The world needs you.


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