Ashley interviews Natalie Berthold about her work with Family Constellation Therapy. This isn’t your Grandma’s talk therapy though. It’s a next level approach to healing family patters and releasing energy in your families lineage that’s holding you back. Natalie specializes in disordered eating, relationships and money issue. Ashley shares her first hand experience at one of Natalie’s classes that literally almost knocked her to the ground.

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Things discussed in this episode:

  • Natalie shares her personal journey of healing from an eating disorder through family constellation therapy.
  • What is  a session with you like? What actually happens?
  • The difference between family constellation therapy different from tradition forms of therapy
  • How does adoption effect your ability to heal your family?
  • Is it really possible to heal family generations before and after you?
  • Natalie shares her rather surprising “gateway drug” into the world of spirituality 


Links mentioned:
Natalie’s website

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About the guest:
nataliebertholdheadshotNatalie works with trans-generational patterns to help you unlock what is holding you back. Often unresolved family traumas can keep you in a holding pattern in love, health and finances. Natalie helps you to lovingly leave those in the past and to move forward unabashedly! Natalie is based out of Brooklyn, but often found in nature with partner, Tim and their new baby girl, Stella and rescue pups, Argos and Athena.