Holistic Nutrition Consultant Shelby Webb shares how using the blood type diet helped her lose weight and heal from PCOS. She’ll break down which foods and excercises are best for each blood type and shares amazing resources to help you eat for your type!

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Things discussed in this episode:

  • What exactly is the blood type diet?
  • How can you find out your blood type?
  • How each blood type should eat and exercise to maximize success
  • Is there one blood type that will have an easier time losing weight?


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Links mentioned:
Shelby’s website

Green Is the New Black interview on the effect of plastic on our health

Eat Right For Your Type Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo

Blood-type diet app

Find out your blood type at home kit


About the guest:

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Shelby is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant in Nashville, Tennessee. She is a graduate of the American College of Healthcare Sciences in Portland, Oregon. She works with clients in person or via Skype and promotes a whole foods diet, avoiding environmental toxins, and moving more.