Author April Lewis shares her tip and tricks for using up everything in the kitchen to eat healthfully, maintain a budget and leave the planet in better shape. She’ll also blow your mind with a surprising life-hack for creating your own green juice powder!

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Things discussed in this episode:

  • What is no waste cooking?
  • April’s secret trick for making homemade green juice powder.
  • How can using everything in the kitchen help you save money?
  • What’s the biggest benefit to leaving behind less waste?
    How can people who live in the city and aren’t so connected to their food source also use no waste cooking?

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Links mentioned:

April’s website

April’s book: The Beginner’s Guide to Zero Waste Cooking: How to Make the Most Out of Nothing in the Kitchen

About the guest:


Single Mom, Author, Blogger, Executive Virtual Assistant, and Homesteader. That’s the “professional” description anyway. But really, April is just a simple girl from rural West TN who loves to sing, garden, and talk to much.