Today is the day! Teach Me Vegan is finally ready!

I’ve hemmed and hawed over putting it out for way too long. Sometimes I stall on things that really, really matter to me.

And here’s why this program matters to me:

When I was a little girl growing up we had our family dog, Crosby. My mom had her cat Emily long before my brother or I ever came along. I loved them like part of the family. When I was 11, I got my own cat, Randy Jonathan (named after Jonathan Taylor Thomas’ character on Home Improvement!). In my mind he was my first born child. My human kids will grow up hearing about their furry older brother.

Then one day, on a trip to a small farm with my family’s church…it all suddenly hit me.

The cows (I loved meatballs), the pigs (who doesn’t love bacon) the egg laying chickens (I made an amazing omelet!) all the sudden became more than just a source of food for me.

I couldn’t see a separation between those farm animals and the pets we had at home.

All the way back in 1996 I became vegetarian.

I’ve stuck with it for 20 years (6.5 of which I’ve been vegan).

And it’s not just my kitchen that is free from animals. My entire life is vegan. My shoes, make-up,  winter coat, pillows. Everything is free from animal products and animal testing.

Because for me it’s a form of activism to stand up for the animals that are treated like commodities. I see them as gentle, feeling beings that are no different that my sweet cat or my sassy little dog.

But it’s not just about the animals.

Earlier this year when one of my family members was diagnosed with cancer, meat was the first thing to go.

I’ve seen my clients clear up years of severe eczema within a month of getting off dairy.

I know people first hand who have gone off diabetes medication within six months of cutting out milk.

If there’s only one thing you ever do to rapidly change your health – cutting out animal products is the fastest way to see improvement.

Teach Me Vegan is a 50 page e-course that walks you through eating, living and staying vegan.

If you’ve ever dabbled, considered or been curious about living vegan, I’d love for you to check it out.

In honor of my 20th anniversary of being vegetarian, I’m keeping the price low, just $20 for this program which includes a vegan essentials shopping list, audio lessons and dozens of resources I’ve personally used over the years.

If you’re ready to make a change, grab your copy of Teach Me Vegan here: