There’s a myth out there that I need to bust today.

They myth that it’s hard to be vegan. People ask me about that all the time.

My answer is always ‘no’.  I have such strong opposition to the factory farm industry and to the treatment of workers on those “farms” – that it’s always genuinely easy for me to avoid animal products.
But I know for some people the idea of cutting out or cutting back on meat or dairy is daunting at best.
And I’m here to tell you it’s not nearly as hard as you think!
All you need is some solid resources for delicious recipes. You’ll want to spend some time transitioning your pantry to be filled with vegan friendly staple foods then you’ll slowly add into your repertoire one meal at a time.

Once you transition to a plant based menu privately, you may start letting the word out bit by bit to friends and family of your new found veg-curiosity.

Yes, everyone you know will suddenly become a nutrition expert and be terribly, terribly concerned that you’re not putting those sharp teeth to good use if you’re not eating a steak everyday!!

It helps to be prepared with a few facts abut protein sources, what our teeth are actually best suited to eat and some examples of high level athletes on a plant based diet.

But most importantly you’ll need to be braced with the right attitude.
Speaking your truth without becoming preachy is challenging especially in the really days of making a lifestyle change. But the old adage: “you’ll get more flies with honey than with vinegar” rings true here.
Want to know the number one way you’ll ever convince your friends, family or nosy co-workers that being vegan is all that and a bag of dairy free chips? 
Just be the goshdarn happiest vegan they’ve ever seen!
You can take your strong stances in life, share an animal abuse video on facebook or rock a Meat is Murder tee all while being mindful of where the people you’re speaking to are on their own journey.
My old Life Coach always says “speak your truth, to ears that can hear you.”

Some people will never come around. But I’ve learned in my nearly 20 years meat free and 7 as a vegan that the best way to get anyone on your side is to do your own thing, eat the way you want and respectfully ask others to respect your lifestyle in return.

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