Breath work expert Kathleen Booker shares the healing power of the breath. Sound like a no brainer, we all have to breathe right? But are you breathing in a way that helps you heal from trauma, manage stress, release stuck energy and change your health? Listen in as Kathleen walks us through a sampling of her work.

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Things Discussed in This Episode:

  • What is conscious connected breath work?
  • How are people breathing the “wrong” way?
  • Why are people scared to breathe?
  • What changes do people experience when they learn to breath?
  • Why do some people have such emotional reactions?

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About the guest:

KathleenBookerHeadshotKathleen Booker is the Jedi of Calm.  She is passionate about the Breath and knows first hand the energy, healing, peace and joy it creates in one’s life!  She changes lives with her power-fully compassionate presence.