Meet Party in My Plants creator Talia Pollock! She shares her story of healing from IBS through a raw vegan diet. We’ll dig into her evolution from aspiring comedy writer to a plant based chef and health coach that makes eating healthy fun and easy again!

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Things discussed in this episode:

Easy ways to make eating healthy fun again!

  • Talia’s story of overcoming food sensitivity and terrible digestive issues
  • Healing from IBS using a vegan diet
  • How Talia took her career as an aspiring comedian and comedy writer and turned it into a successful health coaching career
  • Is a raw food diet good for everyone?
  • Is it safe to eat a raw vegan diet if you live in cold climate?
  • How to eat healthy on a college budget?


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About the guest:

taliapollockheadshotTalia Pollock is the creator of, an online funhouse of witty blog posts and LOL cooking videos that prove how easy and practical it is to eat healthfully without compromising your social life. As a holistic health coach, speaker (she’s a former stand-up comedian) and plant-based chef, Talia has made it her mission in life to help others take the HELL out of HELLthy eating.