Emotional eating coach and addiction specialist Kate Read shares her story of overcoming food issues once she realized she was masking high sensitivity all her life. Kate breaks down exactly how to know if you’re a highly sensitive person, how to create a tool box of self-care for managing you sensitivity and shares some of the amazing benefits to living as an HSP.


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Things Discussed in this episode:

  • Kate’s story of overcoming emotional eating and how it was linked to her high sensitivity
  • The 4 criteria of a true HSP
  • What’s the difference between high sensitivity and introversion or being an empath?
  • Signs of high sensitivity in kids
  • Is there a connection between high sensitivity and addiction?
  • The benefits of being an HSP!


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About the guest:

KATEReadheadshotKate Read is a emotional eating coach and sensitivity + addiction specialist.  She  understands how easy it is to get completely lost in the depth of all that we feel.  She gets how remarkably simple it is to fall into addictions to cope with this depth. Having known numb really well, Kate empathizes with living partly between the worlds of the living and the dead. Most of all, she wholeheartedly grasps what sensitive souls are capable of when they are not struggling with addictions {to food, thoughts, control, exercise, alcohol, shopping, etc}. Knowing this, Kate has no choice but to guide fellow sensitives to a place of perceiving the vastness of all they are so that they may contribute to the world with their incredible complexity.