Environmental Scientist, Motivational Speaker and Author, Tara Mackey shares her story of being loaded with medication at an early age for health issues she’s not even sure she really had! She’ll walk us through how she got off the pharmaceutical wagon and what she recommends for adults looking for natural treatments for ADHD.

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Things discussed in this episode:

  • Tara shares her story of being put on medications at an early age
  • How did Tara eventually break her use of pharmaceutical drugs?
  • What does she recommend for people that want to take a more natural approach to adult ADHD?
  • If you’re not currently on ADHD medicine and want a natural approach, where should you start?

Links mentioned:
Tara’s new book: Cured By Nature **

Tara’s website, The Organic Life Blog **

Ashley’s new group coaching program – Starting Now **

About the guest:

TaraMackeyHeadshotTara Mackey is a singer, motivational speaker and the author of Cured By Nature: How To Heal From The Inside Out, Find Happiness & Discover Your True Self.

Tara has been named “one of this generation’s greatest wellness leaders” and The One to Watch by Coco Eco Magazine. Mackey has been at the forefront of sustainability and media for the past ten years. An environmental scientist and laboratory technician by training, Tara worked on programs in  research and development before applying her knowledge to a myriad of projects including fashion, food, music, beauty, travel and visual media.