I’ve spent the passed 48 hours feeling so profoundly sad over the Brexit vote in the UK. If you don’t know this about me – England is my absolute favorite country in the world. I’ve got plans to live there (at least part time) in 2017.

I’m just so horrified by what this vote means for the future of the UK and the young people who voted en masse to remain part of the EU. The xenophobia and blatant racism of the Leave campaign is obviously reminiscent of the horror show playing out in this country right now.

I believe in getting out in the streets, mobilizing, organizing and engaging with voters and elected officials to fight this spread of hate all over the world.

But I also believe what we’re seeing is the manifestation of our collective consciousness.

And that every Brit wanting to send “those immigrants home” or Donald Trump supporters wrestling people out of his rallies are just the outward manifestation of a collective state of fear and pain.

The way they exhibit this pain is not okay or acceptable. But I think it bares looking at the root causes and how we can begin to shift that intense energy in a direction of peace and love instead of anger and hate. I believe we have the power, both politically and metaphysically to change the world.

Which is why I created a guided mediation for peace and sanity.

Later this summer I’ll fill you in  how I’ll be bringing the wellness world together with the political and social justice worlds through a campaign called #VoteWell.

But for now, in the wake of such sad, confusing developments in the country I love…I hope you’ll join me in this mediation for sanity and clarity that we all need so desperately right now.

You can play or download the meditation here.

Feel free to share it if you feel others need it too.