Picture it: it’s a busy day on fifth avenue in downtown Manhattan. The sun is beating down and cars are honking for no good reason. A twenty something year old women dressed all in black is carrying two garment bags and a stack of boxes. She was straight out of The Devil Wears Prada.


She’s desperately trying to catch a cab, but it’s almost rush hour and it’s just not happening.


I see her struggling to balance everything she’s holding, check her phone and try to see if any taxis are coming her way, all at the same time.


And then she spots it! The yellow cab with it’s “available” light on, speeding down fifth. She puts up her arm (as high as it’ll go without dropping all the boxes), but he doesn’t  see her.

So she yells to him, but he still doesn’t pull over.


Now he’s speeding past her and she starts to run! Bags and boxes in hand, her high heels wobbling down the sidewalk – trying to catch him.


Because she needs to get in.this.cab.


As she frantically chased him around the corner the light had turned green. And not one, not two, nope note three, but four available taxis came speeding past her in that moment.


But she never even saw them because she was so fixated on that one taxi she thought she had to catch.


My heart sank as I watched her. It totally reminded me of music business internship days, of running down the street and twisting my ankle because I had to get a designer t-shirt to John Mayer before his hair appointment in Soho was finished.

But also because I saw myself and so many other women in her.


How often do we get so fixated on the thing that we think we want that we don’t even see all the other good things that are coming our way?


I know blind optimism can be hard. Especially if you’re like me and are capable of making things happen for yourself. You’re capable of figuring it out. Of muscling your way through. Of sucking it up.


But what would happen if you just waited and trusted that exactly what you needed was on it’s way to you? That even more than you need is on it’s way to you?

Next time you want to strong arm the process, how can you take a step back and wait for even more than you can dream of to show up? What would that look like for you?

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