Ashley interviews singles coach Kira Sabin, the troop leader of love at the League of Adventurous Singles. If you hate the dating scene, want to love being single or figure out how have a relationship that actually meets your needs – this interview is for you!



Things discussed:

  • Why so many people are failing miserably at dating and finding love (and what to do about it)
  • The key to creating the relationship you want
  • Should adhering to traditional gender roles help modern love?
  • Steps you can take to figure out what you actually NEED in a relationship
  • Ashley gets honest about her dating phobia

Links mentioned:

Kira’s Website
Kira’s Podcast 7 Minutes in Heaven

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About the guest:

Kira is a life coach for singles, the troop leader of love for League of Adventurous Singles, a Huffpo blogger, podcaster, LOAS Travel Founder, story collector, life explorer, and 17 layers of ridiculous.