Ashley addresses this week’s U.S. Presidential election, including what it was like to be at Hillary’s field office as the race slipped away. She also shares how the Obama election in 2008 changed her life.
If you’ve felt confused or upset and aren’t sure where to go from here, listen to this episode for specific tools to use to process what’s happen and resources to get you motivated to create change.

Things discussed:
  • What happened at Hillary HQ as the results came in
  • How the Obama election started Ashley’s healing journey
  • Moving through the grief of the election
  • Specific self-care tools to recover from the election
  • How to have boundaries with the Trump supporters in your life
  • What specific actions and organizations to support during the Trump Presidency
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About Ashley:

Ashley Williams is a certified coach, vegan, activist and professional unicorn. She believes we need to heal ourselves so that we can heal the world.