Astrologist and Spirit Junkie Danielle Mercurio walks us through the different phases of the moon and how to use them for manifesting, planning and creating an extraordinary life. If you’ve ever wondered why people have New Moon and Full Moon ceremonies, this week’s episode will tell you exactly what sort of rituals to use at different points in the moon’s cycle. Get out a notebook and pen – you’ll be taking a lot of notes! 

Things discussed:
  • Danielle shares her story of going from burnt out Executive Assistant to gypsy astrologist and motivational speaker
  • Get clear on the differences between astrology and moon cycles
  • Learn how to know what your moon sign is even if you’re not sure the exact time you were born
  • Danielle walks us through the phases of the moon
  • How to utilize the phases of the moon for goal setting and manifesting
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About the guest:

Danielle Mercurio is a spiritual teacher, cosmic influencer, and motivational speaker. It is her deepest desire to inspire people to understand that everything is possible once they stop seeking approval from the world and listen to the guidance from within. After finally having enough of playing it “safe”, Danielle left her Corporate job in NYC to pursue her passions of coaching and Astrology. It has led her to work with 100s of people across the globe and empower them to also find purpose in their passions.