Right now I’m getting ready to jet off with my pup to 80 degree weather for the next week to relax and recover from 2016! This time of year can be a tricky for so many people, for so many reasons.

We all hear the statistics that the holiday season is when the most suicides occur.

For some reason I’m feeling really called right now to include the 24 hr. National Suicide Prevention network phone number:


If you need to talk to someone, please call them.

For those of us who are going to be spending some cozy time with our families it can be a time when we’re reminded why we’re so nutty in the first place (kidding, I kid! Hi Mom and Dad!).

But in truth, our family is able to push our buttons because they’re the ones who put them there.

Not intentionally. Not with malice. Even if your family did a really shitty job, I’d bet they were still doing the best they could do at the time. Even if it wasn’t good enough.

These core relationships effect the way we see ourselves and the world. And they influence the way we react to things.

And if you’re going to be spending some time with the folks who can trigger you faster than anyone – it’s the time to bust out your full tool box of personal growth tricks. All those tools aren’t there for when everything is perfect and happy.

They’re there so you can have a new way of dealing with the world instead of repeating the patterns you learned growing up that you now realize no longer serve you.

It’s a time to take deep breaths, send your love into any room before you enter and hold tight to your personal boundaries.

If you still need a few mantras to keep you on track when they start making you abso-effin-lutley crazy – I’ve gotcha covered:

1) “I’m grateful for how much I’ve grown. I’m able to handle this better than I could before.”

2) “It’s not my job to control this person. I only need to control how I react and respond.”

3) “Thank you for reminding my of the areas I still need to heal.”

4) “I forgive you.”


“I forgive myself.”

Repeat as needed while taking those deep breaths.

You’ve got this.

Cheering you on from here.