Spiritual Travel Blogger Eva Casey shares how she let go of the need to be in control through her experience of traveling the world on her own. Eva talks about how she managed to save up for over a year of travel while working and living in NYC, how she stays safe in different countries and why she thinks traveling solo is an experience every women should have. 

Things discussed:
– How Eva went from struggling actress in NYC to traveling the world solo
– Eva’s favorite places she’s been on her travels
– How she saved $10 in less than 2 years while living in N
– Why she’s “settling” (for now) in Bali
– How she handles safety and learning to trust while traveling
– Where to start if you’re a nervous world traveler
– Eva’s best travel hacks
– Why improv was such an important part of her journey
– The impact Harry Potter has had on her life
– Her quest to find the worlds best cup of coffee
Links mentioned:

Instagram: @eva_explores

Snapchat: @evaeec


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About the guest:

Eva Casey is a spiritual travel blogger, who is helping women learn to travel by themselves, despite their fears. She works remotely as a digital nomad anywhere with good wifi and a divine cup of coffee.