In this special 2 part interview Optimal Living Coach Lindsey Rae aka Ashley’s twin shares her journey of surviving a difficult childhood and thriving as an adult. She’ll also share her love of crossfit and some of the tools that have been most beneficial to her in her healing journey. In pt 2 Lindsey and Ashley pull an oracle card to guide their conversation. Lindsey shares which forms of therapy (she’s tried them all!) have most benefited her in recovering from abuse and Ashley and Lindsey reveal their priestess path… If you’re ready to laugh and feel inspired make sure to listen to this episode! 
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Part 2:

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About the guest:

Lindsey Rae is an Optimal Living Coach and the designer behind Toda Trinkets, a fine jewelry collection of spiritual and sacred reminders to live beautifully. She encourages her clients and community to walk the wellness path with her from a truly holistic and integrative approach.