Vision Boards have been a “thing” ever since Mama O (you may know her as Oprah) first brought them to the masses in the early days of her “change your life TV” talk show revamp in the 90s. 

Creating a vision board is probably something you’ve thought of, tried on your own or maybe even done with friends over drinks. It can be a super fun arts and craft project for sure, but a well made vision board can actually be used as a powerful tool to creating the life you want. 
And for the record, I don’t believe in just slapping so pretty pictures on a poster board and everything you’ve ever wanted will show up at your door!
I’m a big believer that it takes a combination of visioning, action-taking and becoming an energetic match to the things you desire to actually make them happen for you. 


But vision boards are a great way to have a physical representation of what you want. Visualization is a tool used by athletes and some of the greatest creators of our time. It’s more than just some woowoo concept (although there are also plenty of ancient traditions around intention setting and calling in what you want). The problem with todays vision board or manifesting attempts is that they’re doing one major thing wrong.
The biggest thing that will make your vision boards ineffective is focusing on what you want.
Isn’t that the point?? 
Well, yes and no. 
The most effective way to attract the things you desire is not to focus on the literal object (or person or job title, etc) that you want, but to go a step further and think about how you think those items will make you feel. 
Here’s an example:

Instead of putting a picture of a red sports car on your vision board – spend some time thinking about the way you imagine that red sports car will make you feel. 

Confident. Luxurious. Sexy. Accomplished. 

By focusing on the truth about how we want to feel we’re creating so many more opportunities to get what we really, truly want and not just a very specific, narrow version of it. 


You may still end up with the red sports car, but you’ll also be attracting other things that also help you feel the exact same way the car would (maybe even better!).

To express those feelings onto your vision board return to your magazines, pinterest or google image searches and look for images or quotes that create that feeling for you. 

If you want to go even deeper on how you want to feel, take the first words that come to mind and think back on a time in your life when you’ve already felt that way. Can you dig up any other emotions you want to re-create? 

Maybe “accomplished” really meant validated, acknowledged, energized… 

Do you have any photos or small mementoes from that time?  Add them to your vision board. You may be surprised to find that you’ve already had many of the things you desire and it’s just a matter of creating new opportunities for them to show up again.

Keep it simple:

Another thing I like to do when creating my vision board is to create individual boards for different life areas. Or you could have one large board with smaller sections representing each area. 
Some places to start:
Relationships / Family / Social Life
Career / Business
Health and wellbeing
Travel / Living situation
Bonus if your boards have fun names!
Last year I created 3 epic boards for “Live Everywhere” “My Great Work” and “Sparkly Love”. 
There’s SO much more I want to tell you about epic goal setting and something I call “vivid visioning”. More on that next week. 
For now, get some poster boards, pins and or glue. And then spend some time going deep into how you want to feel in each area of your life.
Hit the google, magazine rack (or grab old mags from your neighborhood hair salon) or you can borrow some of my pics over on Pinterest.
See what images or quotes give you those desired feelings and start printing and cutting them out. 
Happy board making.


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