This weekend I made a years long dream come true: I was in a flashmob! Actually, I created a flashmob!

You know what flashmobs are right? You’ve seen the surprise choreographed dance performances, the flashmob wedding proposals where dozens of people suddenly break out into epic choreography, sometimes with a surprise “target” other times just to delight passersby.


My flashmob was based on the healing movements in the Netflix original show The OA. I can’t explain them without spoiling the show, so make sure to watch it! But this wasn’t just any flashmob, we did it in front of the Trump hotel that looms over Central Park. We directed our healing, love-filled power at this dark angry looking building. People all over the world joined via livestream, even the cast and crew members from the show have been sharing our pics and videos.

Fans of the show are saying things like “wow! Nothing like that happens in my town!” or “I wish I could be a part of something like that :(” . There’s this implied “you can do it, but I can’t” to many of their comments.
People say things like to me all the time.
It’s true, I’ve had some really wild, unique experiences. I’ve met Barack Obama twice. I’ve met tons of leaders in the personal growth industry and even been to some of their homes. I landed big guests for my podcast even when I didn’t have the ratings to back it up. I’ve travelled on private jets and worked backstage at concerts with the biggest music stars (yes, Beyonce). I was getting myself interviewed as a brand new coach before I’d sold a single thing. I accidentally got thrown into a leadership role with the Women’s March on Washington after just randomly commenting on a facebook post.
These things don’t happen to me by chance though.
They happen for two reasons: 1) I create my own opportunities and invite other people to join in and 2) I put myself out there for things.
Have you ever heard that quote “I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody.”
Those are words I live by. I work under the assumption that it can’t hurt to ask and it can’t hurt to try.
And it’s through that mentality that some of the greatest moments, opportunities and friendships of my life have been created.
But to be honest, this isn’t something that always came natural to me and it hasn’t always worked out well either.
As a kid I was painfully shy. As in – I did not speak. There are people who’d known me since I was a baby until we left my hometown when I was 16 that had literally never heard me speak.
In my imagination and in the privacy of my little world I created for myself I always saw myself doing big, amazing things. I always imagined I’d be the type of person who stands out. Whose name you remember.
But my outer life looked nothing like my inner dreams.
I was isolated, anxious and suffering from severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, tension headaches and chronic pain all over my body.
As I got older I started pushing myself to ask for what I wanted more often. At my first job I worked up massive amounts of nerve and applied for a keyholder position that everyone knew I was right for.
But instead of being rewarded for my first attempt at bravery I was rejected (not once, but twice) for the position.
I was heartbroken and felt like my inner voice that told me I wasn’t good enough and how dare I even think I’d get picked, was right.
But something changed when I moved to New York City. I went from quiet country mouse to aggressive overachiever willing to fight tooth and nail for what I wanted. That helped me land all my top choice internships and eventually a job at a huge music company making twice as much as all my friends. It also helped me crush it as a volunteer in different Obama organizations which led me to meet the President.
On paper, it looked like I was crossing every T and dotting every I to get exactly where I wanted.
This part of the story I’ve shared a ton of times, but my job in the corporate music world nearly killed me.
I didn’t sleep for months, I had TMJ, anxiety, I was depressed, my leg pain would get so bad I could barely walk.
Eventually this led me to discovering alternative medicine and becoming a Health Coach. Now that I had my own business I was able to make my own decisions that felt aligned and start hustling for myself and not for the benefit of the company I worked for.
But alas…starting a business brought up all the old insecurities of the little girl who tried so hard to stay out of the way and always felt a little bit different from everyone else.
And that led to my nervous breakdown. Luckily with thousands of dollars of coaching, therapy and energy work I’ve learned what my biggest “issues” were (spoiler: lack of self worth) and how to overcome and manage them.
I’m telling you all of this, not to downplay some really amazing things I’ve done and created for myself, because to be honest – I’m really proud of myself.
I love my fierce independence. I love that I have crazy ideas and bring them to reality.
I’m sharing all of this because I want you to know that creating the things that you want is possible in spite of the ups, downs, insecurities or physical difficulties in your way.
One of my favorite quotes ever is from Picasso: “Everything you can imagine is real”.
I believe that.
And I believe we’re all capable of creating and doing extraordinary things.
I believe you are capable of getting every single thing you desire.
It may not look the way you planned, but it’s all out there, it’s all available to you.
To create what you desire you’re going to need these 3 things:
Which is why I’ve created the Catalyst Mastermind.
It’s an intimate group that will work together and be guided by me for three months.
The Catalyst Mastermind is what I would have wanted a few years ago when I’d spent thousands of dollars on my coaching certification. I knew I needed to do something impactful in the world, but I just didn’t know what. And even when I got more clear on the what, I was still frozen with fear that I’d mess it up or it wouldn’t work out.
Coaching was already my Plan B.
I was terrified I would fail and lose another dream the way I did when I quit the music industry.
If any of this resonates for you, I’d love to invite you to join the Catalyst Mastermind.
We begin in April.
Yep, I’m announcing a program two weeks before it begins, because I know the people who are meant to join me on this journey don’t need 8 weeks of traditional “launch emails” to talk them into it.
I share all the details about the mastermind here, but here are a few things you can expect if you join the mastermind:
We’ll cut through all the layers and reasons why you think you can’t do amazing things and get you crystal clear on what it is you truly want.
You’ll have the community support of an intimate group cheering you on along the way.
And you’ll move into action to reach your dreams and goals (because just talking about them doesn’t do much).
For all the details click here.