It’s cold and ridiculously rainy here in NYC this whole weekend and I felt like hopping online and sharing some of the things on the internets I’ve loved the most this month!

Totally stealing the idea of a links love post from Sarah over at Yes and Yes. But it seemed like a fun idea so I’m going for it!

Hope you enjoy digging into some of these things, make sure to comment below if you find something you L-O-V-E! I’d love to hear your take!

If you have Netflix and don’t feel like digging in to the unbearably depressing 13 Reasons Why, I’d highly suggest the absolutely, heartbreakingly sweet and funny British comedy Lovesick.

It’s an adorable show about two guys and a girl, but it’s better than all the other two guys and girl shows I’ve ever seen.







Short take: Awkward (yet starts to grow on you with his adorable-ness) guy Dylan finds out he has chlamydia which means he now has to reconnect with with every random hook-up or would-be-love to break the news. The story is told though flashbacks of his romantic mishaps which also help explain the complicated dynamics between Dylan and his best friend Evie.

I’ve already watched all 12 episodes twice in two weeks and laughed more the 2nd time around!

If you like British humor, if you’ve ever had feelings for an off limits friend or you generally like good writing, I can’t recommend it enough.

Oh and when you’re finished watching, join me in swooning over lead actor Johnny Flynn’s long folk-music career. I’m also currently obsessed with his ’08 release A Larum.

Key tracks = The Box and Brown Trout Blues.

Other music I’ve been loving lately is Meghan Trainor (I know, I’m late to the party) and NYU student/Pharrell-was-blown-away-by-her wonderkind Maggie Rogers debut EP Now That The Light Has Faded lives up to the hype and will make you wish you had been that extraordinary in college.


I’ve just finished a round of podcast pitching for shows I’d like to be interviewed on (sound like something you want to do? I’m running a fun 4-week class in June to teach you all the tricks!  One of the most important things I tell people about pitching themselves for interviews is to make sure that they actually listen to the show first to catch the vibe of the host and make sure their style is a fit for you.





A few pods I’ve fallen in love with or interviews that I’m absolutely loving are:

1) Radically Loves w/ Rosie Acosta and specifically her interview with Simon Sinek
2) RobCast w/ Rob Bell and omg his interview with Glennon Doyle Melton (more on her below)
3) The Box Set Pod (not one I was pitching too, but I find it super fun and lighthearted)
4) One Part Podcast w/ Jessica Murnane

Okay so speaking of Glennon Doyle Melton…

OMG do you know of this women?? I discovered her at Oprah’s Super Soul Sessions last month in LA and was BLOWN AWAY by her. Her story, her storytelling and her presence was like nothing I’ve ever seen before.


I instantly came home and binged on her blog Momastery, crushed on her after watching her interview with Marie Forleo on MarieTV and ordered her memoir Love Warrior ASAP.


Mid-way through reading the book, I decided I needed to discuss this book with people, out loud!

Which is why I fulfilled a life long dream of being in a book club by…starting a book club!

And so the Seekers & Truth Tellers Book Club was born.

The name was inspired by Danielle LaPorte’s forthcoming book: White Hot Truth: Clarity for Keeping It Real on Your Spiritual Path from One Seeker to Another and an excerpt from Glennon’s Love Warrior that has shaken my soul:

As usual I have big dreams for the book club. I’d love to eventually grow it to having worldwide chapters and a book of the month style subscription option.

You can join the brand new Facebook group here.

If you’re in NYC or near Chicago we already have chapters you can meet-up with. If you’re outside those areas, please join the group and tag me so I know you’re interested in creating or joining a future chapter.

In the meantime, watch Glennon’s full talk at Super Soul Sunday here.

Oh and one other thing I’m loving this week and being that it is Mother’s Day, this gorgeous New York Times article called Our Mothers as We Never Saw Them, here’s an excerpt: 

“For me, as for many daughters, the time before my mother became a mother is a string of stories, told and retold: the time she got hit by a car and had amnesia; the time she sold her childhood Barbie to buy a ticket to Woodstock; the time she worked as a waitress at Howard Johnson’s, struggling to pay her way through her first year at Rutgers. The old photos of her are even more compelling than the stories because they’re a historical record, carrying the weight of fact, even if the truth there is slippery: the trick of an image, and so much left outside the frame. These photos serve as a visual accompaniment to the myths. Because any story about your mother is part myth, isn’t it?”

Happy everything.




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