Hey hey! 

It’s almost the Fourth of July, health care is safe for a few extra days and I’m wrapping up my Catalyst Mastermind and Perfect Podcast Pitch programs this week. 

Before I take my furry one eye-d kid and hop on a plane to Florida I wanted to share some of the links I’ve been totally obsessed with lately. If you’re traveling for the holiday weekend you’ll want to snag some of these podcasts, books and more to enjoy. Let’s dig in! 
Starting with the pods I’m listening to ( #podcastjunkie):
 Don’t Freak Out
If you’ve ever had anxiety (lol who am I kidding, we’ve all had anxiety) and want to hear up close and personal stories from others who’ve walked the same path – check out my friend Allison Micco’s podcast, Don’t Freak Out. I was honored to be one of her guests which you can listen to here.
How to be a Daymaker
My podcasting colleague Sarah Starrs hosts a super fun pod called The Girl Gang Conversations. I L-O-V-E-D her chat with Alexandra Franzen, who also happens to be one of my favorite bloggers. Alexandra talks about juggling multiple creative projects and the practice of being a “daymaker” for others. Listen here.
The title is misleading
Okay so Tim Ferriss is one of my favorite podcast interviewers, but I was a little annoyed by the click-bait-y-ness of this particular show title. More than the title suggests Esther Perel’s personal background, her story of her parents being the sole survivors in each of their families after the holocaust is absolutely fascinating. Then, yes she dives deeper into her work around infidelity and what actually works in relationships. Listen to the whole thing even though it’s a pretty long episode, she is the coolest lady ever!
Dear Sugar Radio
If you’ve seen the movie Wild, staring Reese Witherspoon than you know the personal story behind Author Cheryl Strayed. I’ve recently become obsessed with the PJ-13 Dear Abby style advice column Cheryl has written for years called Dear Sugar which is now a co hosted podcast. Every episode is great, but I’ve linked to one of my faves here.
If you want even more from Cheryl check her out on this hilarious (but totally raunchy, NSFW) podcast The Tell Show where she shares some never before heard stories that will leave you red in the face. 
Don’t Look Back in Anger
One a more somber note, since my last post my beloved England has suffered 3 terrorist attacks and a horrible fire that killed dozens of people. In the days immediately following the bombing in Manchester, I discovered this glorious video of a moment of silence transformed by a classic Oasis song. You can watch and sing along here
What I’m watching:
I’m currently digging into Last Tango in Halifax which is a show about old folks in small town England falling in love and their dysfunctional families who keep getting in the way of their happiness. If you need thoughtful escapism, start there. 
A few weeks ago I binge watched The Keepers on Netflix. If you love true crime stories or were obsessed with Making A Murderer last year, check it out. Trigger warning: the story contains graphic discussion of sexual abuse. 
It’s hard not to get overwhelmed with all the insanity in the world these days. It was a nice respite from it all when I got to go with my Aunt  to the one day version of Soul Camp a few weeks ago! 
If you just need a few days of fun and play and joy, I highly suggest you check out either their West Coast or East Coast sleep away camp for adults here
If you’re like me and have been losing sleep over your loved ones losing health care at the hands of the hateful republicans in Washington, make sure you take just a few minutes to call, email or tweet your senators. I love these two tools for all the info we need to contact the right people: TrumpcareToolkit and TrumpCareTen.
Currently Reading
I got the most lovely care package of books recently and have been digging into the epic collection of feminist essays called Men Explain Things to Me (the term “mansplanning” was spun off from this book). It’s good. It’ll make you angry and it’ll help you feel less alone. I highly recommend.
In my ears:
I’m currently obsessed with former teenage youtube sensation Birdy and her most recent album Beautiful Lies (key tracks: Keeping Your Head Up, Lifted, Wild Horses and Words)
Super Random:
I found these photos of everyday life in North Korea to be absolutely fascinating and chilling 
What are you currently reading, listening to or obsessing over? I’d love to hear in the comments below!