If You Want the Light, Look Into the Dark

I felt it was important to connect with you over the troubling events in our country over the past week. Which is to say, I want to connect with you about the troubling events in this country since white folks first landed here.  This blog contains a whole bunch of... read more

Every Link I Love This Week: June 28th 2017

Hey hey!  It’s almost the Fourth of July, health care is safe for a few extra days and I’m wrapping up my Catalyst Mastermind and Perfect Podcast Pitch programs this week.    Before I take my furry one eye-d kid and hop on a plane to Florida I wanted to... read more

Every Link I Love This Week: May 14th, 2017

  It’s cold and ridiculously rainy here in NYC this whole weekend and I felt like hopping online and sharing some of the things on the internets I’ve loved the most this month! Totally stealing the idea of a links love post from Sarah over at Yes and Yes. But it... read more

The unexpected truth about me…

This weekend I made a years long dream come true: I was in a flashmob! Actually, I created a flashmob! You know what flashmobs are right? You’ve seen the surprise choreographed dance performances, the flashmob wedding proposals where dozens of people suddenly... read more

4 Mantras to Help You Survive the Holidays

Right now I’m getting ready to jet off with my pup to 80 degree weather for the next week to relax and recover from 2016! This time of year can be a tricky for so many people, for so many reasons. We all hear the statistics that the holiday season is when the... read more

How to Find Friends

It’s that time of year where you’re seeing everyone and their perfect holiday spreads all over social media. Pretty soon they’ll be posting Christmas party pics and New Years Eve house-party albums. The holidays can be a rough time of year, especially if you feel like... read more

How to come out as “spiritual” to your family

  I moved to NYC right before my 21st birthday. I always say that I became an adult in New York. I grew up in a super small town (population 3,000-ish) and then moved to a small city in Florida. One thing I’ve realized more and more lately (especially... read more