Taxicab Confession

Picture it: it’s a busy day on fifth avenue in downtown Manhattan. The sun is beating down and cars are honking for no good reason. A twenty something year old women dressed all in black is carrying two garment bags and a stack of boxes. She was straight out of... read more

Emergency Global Mediation for Peace

I’ve spent the passed 48 hours feeling so profoundly sad over the Brexit vote in the UK. If you don’t know this about me – England is my absolute favorite country in the world. I’ve got plans to live there (at least part time) in 2017.... read more

Are you trying too hard?

Picture it…you’ve got one hour during lunch to brainstorm a 3 minute talk to be delivered in front of a room full of strangers. 3 minutes to say the thing you think is most important for people to know. That’s what happened a few weekends ago when I... read more

My Thoughts (or lack thereof) About Orlando

It’s been nearly a week since the mass murder in a nightclub in Orlando. A week of shock, sadness and anger all around. In the week since we’ve added fb profile ribbons and rainbow flags everywhere. We’ve hashtagged and prayed…or at the very... read more

The #1 thing that helped when I was depressed

I’ve got to tell you something about me: I do this thing called #ashkicking. It just comes out sometimes. I can’t help it. If you’ve ever coached with me or collaborated with me you’d know about it. Sometimes I just have this overwhelming truth... read more

  Nearly a week ago I was babysitting a cute little girl, putting her to bed as the horrible events in Paris unfolded. It was such an interesting moment, to be aware and concerned about a situation I’d learned about a few minutes before arriving at their house,... read more

There’s a myth out there that I need to bust today. They myth that it’s hard to be vegan. People ask me about that all the time.   My answer is always ‘no’.  I have such strong opposition to the factory farm industry and to the treatment of... read more

20 Years Leading Up to This

Today is the day! Teach Me Vegan is finally ready! I’ve hemmed and hawed over putting it out for way too long. Sometimes I stall on things that really, really matter to me. And here’s why this program matters to me: When I was a little girl growing up we... read more

What is Soul Camp?

A week ago my legs were sore from 4 days of skipping-club, 6AM yoga, IntenSati, late night dance parties and paddle boarding! It was the final day of this magical thing called Soul Camp.                        Listen to my podcast interview with the Founders.   One... read more

10 Reasons why being vegan is the best ever

The other day I watched this super adorable video of “dairy” cows literally leaping for joy as they set foot on grass for the first time in their lives. And as usual I was reminded “Oh yeah, that’s why I’m vegan”. People ask me all... read more

4 things to do when you have anxiety

Ever wonder what to do when you have an anxiety attack? I’ve had more experience with them than I’d like. Just this week I’ve been dealing with major anxiety: the kind where you’re just shaking and it’s hard to take a deep breath and your... read more

5 tricks to up your manifesting game

The other day I was walking through a street fair in my neighborhood with my dog to buy her this ridiculous mini robotic dog that she is now obsessed with. I’d tucked a $20 bill in my pocket to buy the $6 toy.   Somewhere between my apartment and the toy... read more